If you are currently parenting a toddler you may have been on the lookout for the perfect toddler sleeping bag. To be completely honest I was not planning on using one for as long as we have been, but once I understood how much tossing, turning, sitting up, and standing up through the night my son was into, plus the complete resistance to have anything that covers him for any length of time, I realised it’s best to stick to what has been working well up until this point.

So, what exactly is a toddler sleeping bag.

Essentially it’s the same as the newborn version in terms of functionality however it does feature feet openings so that the little one is able to move a bit more freely using his newfound skills.

Personally, my son really started hating the standard sleeping bag and felt a lot more comfortable once I started using the toddler sleeping bag with feet. 

It also makes so much more sense to use one once you start transitioning them to a half-lowered cot or even a toddler bed as they can safely roll out and walk to you rather than being stuck in a legless version.

So how to choose the right sleeping bag for your toddler (and the same rules apply for the baby).

You will need one to suit the usual temperature of the room, this will ensure that your little one has the safest and most comfortable night of sleep. The way that the sleeping bags are usually regulated is through TOGs which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the warmth, or thermal resistance, of a product. It is recommended to check the sleep suit’s TOG to ensure it’s the correct one for your room temperature.

I personally always use GRO’s TOG chart to do this or the handy guide below:

I also could not recommend enough their Groegg thermometer that has been on in our nursery or bedroom since the day our son was born- absolute lifesaver. 

So without further ado, here are the 7 Best Toddler Sleep Bags available on the market today:

Jojo Mamanbebe, STRIPED 2.5 TOG SLEEP SNUGGLER, £35

This lovely stripy number is a real classic design that will match most of the pajama sets you already have. It is a 2.5 TOG warmth that you can use all year round except in the summer or occasional heatwaves, but paired with the sweet matching baby booties it will keep your toddler warm and snug. The sleeves are also removable which is really handy for daily use. Here’s to a practical and good night of sleep.

Tomee Tippiee, The Original Grobag Little Pip Steppee, £19.59

Since Tomee Tippie acquitted the Gro Bag company, founded by 2 parents struggling to get their baby to sleep, they have assimilated their top range products into their own lines. Here is where this Original Gro Bag comes in. It’s forward thinking lightweight design comes in 2 handy sizes, 6-18 months and 18-36 months which ensures you will use this toddler sleeping bag for at least a year. It also comes in two TOGs, 1 and 2.5. At the moment it is on 50% sale on the Tomee Tippie website so grab yours quickly.

Ergobaby, ON THE MOVE SLEEP BAG, £34.90

The Ergo baby toddler sleeping bag is the one I am currently using and a personal favourite due to brilliant design and lovely patterns. Just like the Gro one, it comes in 2 convenient long wearing sizes as well as 1 and 2.5 TOG ratings. I personally love the fact that I can still cover my son’s feet for cold nights and the brilliant no fuss zip system- it’s that easy that sometimes I am able to put the sleeping bag on after he has fallen asleep which goes to show how well designed this bag is.

Lictin Baby Sleeping Bag with Feet, £23.99

A no nonsense, Amazon 5 star rated Lictin toddler sleeping bag seems to be a winner for mums and their toddlers. This sleep bag encourages comfortable and ‘free sleep’ allowing your toddler to move comfortably for a better night’s sleep. Lictin Baby Sleeping Bag with Feet comes in 2 and 2.5 TOGs and a range of fun patterns.

MOEMOE BABY Sleeping Bag with Feet, £17.90

Another great find on Amazon, Moemoe Baby Sleeping bag is great to use over the summer as it’s a light 0.5 TOG. I personally use this TOG thickness for most of the summer as it’s lovely and breathable so very comfortable for balmy evenings when kids tend to struggle to sleep. This sleeping bag benefits from pure organic cotton material and can be worn from toddler to up to 7 years.

Slumbersack, Summer Sleeping Bag with Feet, £29.99

Slubmebrsack sleeping bags are truly fantastic quality. All made of 100% cotton, easy to wash and tumble dry, they really provide not just a practical but also durable product. What I absolutely love about these is the non slip soles on the feet of their 1 TOG toddler sleeping bag. Oh and have I mentioned they come in 11 different designs making them even tougher to resist.

Molis&Co. 2.5 TOG Winter Baby Sleeping Bag with Feet, £23.03

Molis & Co are known for their sustainable baby essentials. All of their products are not just 100% organic cotton but also 100% recycled fiber- a real sustainability champions. In regards to their sleeping bags with feet- I can’t resist the lovely 2.5 TOG unisex polkadot design available on Amazon. It’s made for the colder parts of the year and it looks absolutely 100% snug. Sizes available are from 1-4 years which makes them a perfect choice to grow with your toddler.