Postpartum Hair Loss, Why it Happens and What to do about it

Postpartum Hair Loss, Why it Happens and What to do About it

Ihave been hearing about this phenomenon called postpartum hair loss during my first pregnancy and I have to say, I chucked it into the bin with all the other symptoms that somehow everyone around me had but I never experienced. However, low and behold, around month 3 postpartum my hair started falling out in, to be quite frank, unbelievable quantities. Now, for someone with already fine hair that finally got thick and shiny during pregnancy, this was a serious blow. Well, unlike some pregnancy and postpartum symptoms only some of us experience, tuns out what is officially called ‘pregnancy alopecia affects almost 90% of women. YIKES! So, here is what actually happens and what you can do about it.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Postpartum hair loss predominanly happens due to hormonal changes that happen in our fourt trimester, just after we have given birth. Unlike ‘happy pregnancy hormones’ aka raised levels of estrogen and progestrone. that usually make our skin clear and hair and nails thicker, the balancing out of these same hormones post partum causes that same hair to fall out.

Even though this normally happens straight after giving birth, the hair normally stays put for about 3 to 4 months making this the most common time to notice this scary phenomenon.

It is extremely important to note this is absolutely normal and in most cases will not last long, whilst long term your hair will return to it’s natural state you had pre pregnancy. Some lucky ones though will keep their thicker lock forever. I am personally really crossing my fingers for my second pregnancy.

How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss?

In short, this is almost impossible if not complitely impossible. Our bodies go through so many changes through pregnancy and after it that we can not stop what is complitely natural and normal.

Most mums like to consider this stage as a badge of honour for all the effors our body has been through to produce another amazing little human.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Typically, as we mentioned previouslly, the shedding will start at around 3- 4 months and stop 6-7 mobnths postpartum. However it is really important to say not all of us will fit this bill and some women might experience it sooner or later than others. Or not at all.

After this intense stage of hair thinning, you will also start noticing the apperance of new ‘baby hair’ which will normally look like a very unfashionable tiny fringe, but also a good time to consider visiting your hairdresser for a bit of me time.

What Helps Postpartum Hair Loss?

There is a few things that have been said to ‘help’ during this well mostly just uncomfortable stage. The best advice I was given was to use baby shampoo and put my conditioner away. Putting excessive product on your hair will make things only worse. This should be a time to simplify and detox.

Secondly, load up on some amazing hair multivitamins. If you can, go for good quality ones on the pricier side (ouch we know but so worth it) that will truly make a difference. If you don’t fancy spending money on those try getting a really good Vitamin B vitamin called biotin that is known to promote hair growth.

Thirdly, eat up your healthly oils. Eggs, fatty fish, nuts, avocados as well as things like berries, nuts, seeds, and beans are known to promote hair growth, due to vitamins they all contain.

Lastly, don’t stress and enjoy. At 4 months old, your baby will be going through a beautiful development stage and you should cherish every moment of this. The hair will come and go and be back to its natural self in no time.

Best multivitamins for hair growth: