The Crossbody Bag You Won’t Stop Wearing

The Crossbody Bag You Won’t Stop Wearing

Sometimes the stars do align and a practical bag does become the most fashionable item everyone is all of the sudden championing in their street style and Instagram edits. Yes, you heard it here first (ok probably not THE first time, but bear with me) the bum bag or as we now officially call it- the crossbody bag, is making a big entrance to our wardrobes this autumn.

We could not be happier for a number of reasons but an understated practicality of one could ot be more obvious for any mum that has ever tried to pick up a screaming (or not) toddler and simultaneously punched them in the head with a tote.

We have all been there..

Another reason why we will be buying one this autumn from the glorious high street galore of crossbody bags is because we love the ease of styling one. It goes with our dress and trainers look, our jeans and t-shirt look, and hey let’s face it, we can even wear it on our shoulder for a more refined dinner date style.

Now. We know time is tight when you’re trying to hold it together and be a fashion icon (that’s right) so we have as always done the legwork for you and narrowed down our top pics from our favourite brands.

Psssst- these are actually selling fast as hotcakes so some might already be out of stock but we are sure many of the retailers will be restocking over the coming months.

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