We Tried on the Pregnancy Dress Every Influencer is Wearing

Pregnancy Peekaboo Dress

If you’ve been following any pregnant influencers on Instagram this summer, you probably haven’t missed the trend everyone is opting for. Skipping the boring options when it comes to maternity fashion, influencers have been spotted all summer favoring a peekaboo style dress and we are loving it! 

The peekaboo style is pretty straightforward when you look at it. Dresses with key cut-out and peekaboo hole placements in just the right places to look fashionable but also flattering. A full-skirted maxi dress with both sides of the waste exposed, or a tank top style maxi that leaves only the lower back exposed. Maybe a lovely dress that clings in all the right places, hugging the baby bump, but when momma turns, you can find little keyhole cutouts marching up and down both sides of the dress. 

Whatever the style and fit of the dress and wherever the holes and cutouts are creating that peekaboo effect, it doesn’t really matter. All we know is that we are loving all the amazing styles and options there are out there for those who are expecting. 

Besides being a trendy and fun option for moms-to-be who have a flair for fashion, another reason why we love this look is that it is super easy to dress up or dress down depending on your mood and where you’re going. Let’s look at a few ways to dress up and dress down any fun peekaboo-style maternity dress below!

Ways to dress a pregnancy maternity dress up:

  • Add a blazer to dress it up or go more business casual. This is especially nice if your “peekaboo” dress has the peekaboo in the front or if the maxi dress is long and has a peekaboo effect going down the sides. 
  • Add an amazing statement necklace or earrings to upsell the simplicity of the cut.
  • Go with high heels or slide heels. This instantly elevates any outfit to “dressy”.
  • Choose colour. Statement colour shoes, handbags, and other accessories can dress up any outfit. 

Ways to dress a pregnancy maternity dress down:

  • Try various casual shoes to see what looks good but is comfortable at the same time. Your favorite pair of Veja or Converse might be just the thing to pair with a stretchy peekaboo maxi dress!
  • Add a bun! A “messy mum bun” can give you a more casual look.
  • Go with a big, casual tote or bag! Nothing says “casual” quite like a large straw raffia bag these days. 

Here are some of our favourite peekaboo dresses that will suit all budgets: