We Found 12 Best High Street Maternity Pieces for the Autumn


Yes, the time has sadly come to say goodbye to those 10 hot days of summer we’ve had (ahem) and officially walk into the autumn.

The good news is that we can wave off our swollen ankles and hot flushes (ok, the second one is more wishful thinking) but maternity dressing and investing in the right pieces is certainly becoming more daunting.

But this does not have to take away from the fun of dressing your bump for the colder days. It also does not mean you have to go and buy maternity styles that you will never wear again post-pregnancy.

Sure, there are always a few pieces worth investing in, such as comfy banded maternity leggings and jeans. But you will find that layering them up with a loose-fitted top or shirt will make you not only comfortable but also stunningly fashionable.

We feel like we have been spoiled this autumn as we look at top pics from our household high street brands.